Sunday, 27 March 2011


Today I have done lots of thinking. It has been too chilly for outdoor things as Mammy isn't feeling too well these days. I think it might be  to do with the come-home-therapy, or what ever it's called. Anyway, I feel it's my job to stay with her and make sure she stays cheerful. So we bundled up in a cuddly Welsh blanket and played Pollyanna's game.

Do you know what Pollyanna's game is? It's the Glad Game and it can be quite hard to play. You have to think of something to be glad about in any situation.
It's easy sometimes. For example, I was sorry Mammy was feeling poorly but if she hadn't been having the nasty medicine, she wouldn't have received this beautiful bouquet from Aunty Sue.

If Aunty Sue hadn't sent Mammy the flowers, I wouldn't have dragged up my chair to help arrange them and Mammy wouldn't have had the idea of me building a bear-size house to put all my treasures in and to give me a quiet place to share with my friends.

So these are all things to be glad about. So is sitting wrapped in a cosy blanket, which could have been boring, but I'm glad we did it because it gave me time to think really hard.

I thought about all my friends and how lucky I am to have met them. I thought about how wonderful it is to live here on a little farm and have my own goat. I thought about how lucky I am to have books about Pooh Bear , Paddington Bear, Albert the Bear and Teddy Robinson. I thought about how lucky it was that I found my rabbit hutch.

All these thoughts stopped me thinking about how slowly work is progressing on the hutch conversion.

Then, when Mammy felt a little better, we went on line and looked for other bear blogs. I think I might have found some more friends! Something else to be glad about!

Here's a picture of me with the real Pollyanna. She taught us the Glad Game. She might not be the prettiest girl I know, but she is the happiest. She always finds things to be glad about, even when something awful happens, like falling in a puddle on a very cold day. I can't imagine how you could be glad about that, but I bet Pollyanna could.


  1. Whew! we found you at last! We are so glad that you have decided to make a blog and are looking forward to hearing more from you and cheering you on with your hutch conversion.

    We live at the seaside with Ma and Parper. We have bears of all ages here and get along very well together.

    You are lucky to live in the countryside and have animals. They make Ma sneezle and wheezle so we can't have pets at all.

    That's a lovely biscuit barrel you have. We love ginger biscuits too!

    Bye for now, The FC of Bears (and Ma!)

  2. Ooh! I'm glad to meet you! I love making new friends.
    My big sister (the human one) has sneezles and wheezles too. She can be with some animals but not others. Her favourite animals are horses and donkeys, but she can't touch them or the sneezle/wheezle/swelling-eye disease comes back and she has to go to hospital. She lives far away and only visits sometimes. That's a pity because she's an expert on converting buildings to be used for a new purpose so I could ask her for advice.
    I love your blog and am following it now. I hope we can be friends.
    Bye, talk again soon,