Saturday, 12 March 2011

My latest treasures.

This week, several new treasures came my way. I have been collecting a few things ready for our new home and now have a large storage carton to keep them safe until we have our hutch conversion organised.

Here are some of my latest goodies. 

One of the best things about being only 28cm tall is that lots of human-size things can be recycled into something with a completely different use for me. Take my new biscuit barrel (OK, friends from the US - that's a cookie jar to you!), it used to be a mustard jar but fits my need for something to store and carry my ginger snaps around in perfectly. As to the little hole where the spoon used to stick out, well that's no problem, because my ginger snaps never last long enough to go stale - there are always lots of willing paws to help eat them up around here!

Do you like my vintage City of London crest tea-cup? It's one of those not-very-practical-for-humans souvenir things that are sold at tourist venues but is just ideal for my morning cuppa. It was only a few pence and much cheaper than a brand new doll's tea cup, which would have been another option. I am an eco-bear and love recycling things. 

The bench in my photo is very special. It's a genuine American antique. I thought very hard about having it sent from Auntie Jane's Attic shop in the U.S. because of the air miles. I don't want to leave gigantic carbon pawprints everywhere, but the UK has never really catered to the need of bears or dolls to own furniture, so I saved up and took the plunge. A big THANK YOU goes out to Auntie Jane for holding it for me until I had enough money in my honey jar to pay for the mail cost. 

I have to go now. We are taking a trip to the Mid-Wales Air Ambulance Service charity/thrift shop. I may find more little goodies for our new home.
Bye for now,

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