Sunday, 6 March 2011

Hello new friends!

I'm Trumble Gardener-Bear and I'm about to begin work on converting and furnishing a deserted rabbit hutch. That's the ursine equivalent of a barn conversion.
If you would like to watch the progress of my venture and meet other members of my hug, drop by from time to time.
The Radnor Forest Hug members are a friendly crowd and I have no desire to leave, it's just that we smaller bears need a space of our own, where we won't get lost between the cushions of our human Mammy's and Daddy's sofa or dragged up the stairs by our ears when the kitten is feeling energetic.
Most of the conversion and interior design work will be carried out under the supervision of myself and my best friend Brendan O'Button. Brendan came to live here in Radnor Forest from Ireland via Ebay. It was a very interesting experience, adopting a friend that way, and I began to see the potential of Ebay as a way of finding a few home comforts for an 11" and 12" bear. More of that another time.
Drop by again soon.
 Trumble xxx

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