Sunday, 13 March 2011

Gardening Day

I know I promised to show you the progress of the bear hutch, but sunny weather has obstructed progress.
When we got up this morning, it was so sunny and warm that Brendan just had to go off and sit outside to sketch.

Daddy started working in the garden and I felt as though the best thing in the world would be to join him. So I climbed up the cherry tree we planted last year, to look at the leaf buds. They are coming along well.

Next, I went off to find some pots for my own garden. I found a bear-size strawberry pot and knew straight away that I'd be making strawberry jam in a few months time. Yummmy!

The pot was empty. 

So I found my spade and began filling it with a mixture of seived top soil, compost and a little grit.

Such tiring work! I can't wait to get my strawberry plants in though.

After all that work, I took a break, resting against the garden wall. 

The flowers are coming out a little early, so I hope we don't get too hard a frost this week.

My next job was to check on the primroses and daffodils. The primroses look as though the cats have been lying on them again. I'm not sure what we could do to stop them.

Lovely, bright spring flowers cheer me up though, even if they are a little squashed. Mind you, I shall have to start weeding. Just look at all the grass growing behind the primroses. That is NOT meant to be there.

My last task for today was to choose a large pot to grow my own flowers in. I want to have some fresh flowers for our hutch home every day next summer.

This pot looks a good size and it is obviously not being looked after by anyone else. So this is my very own flower bed. I'll find a veg patch soon but I'm going to sit down for a rest now.

Happy gardening and happy spring!
  Trumble xxxx

PS Why do seed companies put the seeds into such huge and hard for a bear to handle packets, when there are only ever enough seeds to fill a tiny corner of the packet???

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