Monday, 28 March 2011

Another sunny day means another delay!

Hello again!

Today has been lovely. Earlier, it was so sunny and hot that I got out my bathing trunks and summer hat.

I sat amongst the flowers and rested my paws. 

As you can see, my paws can get quite sore. I'm going to hospital soon to have an operation, but I keep putting it off as I'll miss Mammy and Daddy. So I just wear my shoes most of the time and pretend everything is OK.

This afternoon, we got an urgent message. Our friend on the next farm had gone off to market and forgotten to give his little girl some money to spend at her school spring bring and buy sale. She needed money to buy even more toys than she already has - which is more than two tons of toys, I think. Anyway, we took her some money and then had a look to see if there was anything for my hutch. There wasn't anyTHING, only a little someBODY.

I found him in a box under a table. Mammy said to be careful or somebody might think I was for sale too, so I grabbed his paw, pulled him out and then hung on tight to him and to Mammy.  

When I asked him what he was doing in the box of broken plastic toys, he looked miserable and said, 'Nuffin.'
So I asked him what the human he last owned called him and he said, 'Nuffin.'
When I told him that I'm a gardener bear and asked him what he did to help out he said, 'Nuffin.'
I asked him what he had had for lunch and he said, 'Nuffin.'

Mammy adopted him for 25p and we brought him home. He is my protege and, of course, we are going to call him Nuffin. That's a fine name for a bear and one of our twin bears is called Muffin ( the other one is Waffle ) so Nuffin sounds really quite bear appropriate.

Here he is. Meet Nuffin!
He has a lot to learn and I have to look after him, so he'll be living in the bear hutch too. He looks a little sorry for himself just now, but we'll soon find out what he's good at and help him to develop self confidence. Everybear in our hug has his or her own special skill and we all help each other out.

Today has been a great day. Only two things stop it from being a perfect day. The first is that I STILL haven't properly started on the hutch conversion. That doesn't really matter, I've got the whole summer to work on it and Brendan O'Button is having a hibernation extension. It would be mean to do too much of our joint project without his input.
The second thing that stops today being perfect is that I have to say goodbye to two of my friends.

Here they are. The one on the left is Deputy and the one on the right is his son Kwadjo. Deputy is father to about half our flock and, of course, that makes Kwadjo brother to about half the flock. It's time for them to leave us and each to find a nice big flock of ewes they aren't related to. They are pedigree Ryeland sheep and Deputy is a champion, so it should be easy for them to find a new home each. Don't be fooled, they look as though they love other just now but they argue over which of them is husband to each of our ewes in the autumn. The ewes just find it funny and won't tell whether it is Deputy or Kwadjo that is their husband.

I'm just a teeny bit sad, but wish both Deputy and Kwadjo a happy life and lots of lambs.

All for now,
  Trumble xxx

PS Daddy has started going to bed really late and getting up really early and I know that means that we will soon have lambs to look after. I'll show you pics as soon as I can.

PPS Yes Posiemice, that is you that I'm talking about. It is fine to have two tons of toys if you put them away sometimes, but I don't want to visit you until you TIDY UP! A small bear like me could get seriously lost in your bedroom. I have forgotten what colour your bedroom carpet is because I haven't seen it for A VERY LONG TIME. I love you Posiemice and I don't want to lose you under two tons of toys. xxxxx


  1. What a lovely day it has been, and sounds as though you had a very exciting one. Poor little Nuffin - i'm sure he'll enjoy his new life with you. Please take care of your paws! I think you need to wear socks (Some of our senior bears buy theirs in the babywear department at Tesco and they fit a treat!)
    Hope mammy has had a good day and enjoyed the sunshine.
    Love from Lynda and the bears

  2. Fantastic post and bolg....complimenti !