Tuesday, 10 May 2011


At last! Brendan is up from hibernation. I am still having trouble getting him to pose for pictures. He's terribly shy and is very sure nobody will like him. So I'm going to tell him once more, and this time it will be in print!

Brendan O'Button, you are my very best friend and EVERYBODY who meets you will love you! You are kind, helpful and very artistic. Nobody could have a better friend, ever!!!

There. Now, on with the blog.

A couple of days ago, a huge parcel arrived and Mammy said it was for us. I was so excited that I forgot to dress properly and allowed my photo to be taken without my trousers on. Brendan was so excited that he forgot about being camera shy.

The parcel was really ENORMOUS and I had to climb up on my ladder to open it. Brendan held the ladder steady and I went up to the very top. Inside were four smaller, but still huge, parcels. They were wrapped up and I couldn't imagine what they were. So I handed one down to Brendan.
We tore the wrapping away and found .........

a beautiful, blue arm-chair! 
In retrospect, I feel a little bad that I jumped straight into it and sat there, enjoying the luxury of the cushions, whilst poor Brendan sat on Mammy's hard kitchen chopping board, waiting patiently.

After three more trips up the ladder, we unwrapped the rest of the contents of our parcel. There was another chair and two lovely, matching foot-stools. Oh, such comfort!

I let Brendan try them both and decide which he prefered, but I was rather pleased when he chose the terracotta checked set, because the blue one was my favourite.
Thank you so much, Sue and Jules, for making our lovely chairs!