Friday, 2 December 2011

Comings and goings since May.

Six whole months have flashed by since I posted about our new chairs. I'm not going to pretend it has just sped by, or that I have been too busy working to go online. It's just that things and happenings have got in the way.

For several weeks we didn't have a computer. Mammy says that some Trojans got inside our old one and they ate the hard-drive. That sounds silly to me. I know that the Trojans lived a long time ago and had battles with the Greeks. I also THINK they rode on wooden horses, or maybe they were eaten by a wooden horse? I remember seeing pictures of them inside a horse. HOWEVER .... whatever Mammy says, I never heard of them climbing into machines and really can't anybody eating the hard bits of a computer. It all sounds incredibly silly to me. Regardless of all that, I couldn't go online for ages.

We rushed about putting our garden in  quite late in the season. Here is a photo of me harvesting my raddishes. They were the first things to crop.