Friday, 2 December 2011

Comings and goings since May.

Six whole months have flashed by since I posted about our new chairs. I'm not going to pretend it has just sped by, or that I have been too busy working to go online. It's just that things and happenings have got in the way.

For several weeks we didn't have a computer. Mammy says that some Trojans got inside our old one and they ate the hard-drive. That sounds silly to me. I know that the Trojans lived a long time ago and had battles with the Greeks. I also THINK they rode on wooden horses, or maybe they were eaten by a wooden horse? I remember seeing pictures of them inside a horse. HOWEVER .... whatever Mammy says, I never heard of them climbing into machines and really can't anybody eating the hard bits of a computer. It all sounds incredibly silly to me. Regardless of all that, I couldn't go online for ages.

We rushed about putting our garden in  quite late in the season. Here is a photo of me harvesting my raddishes. They were the first things to crop.
Thank heavens for my little wheel barrow!

Meanwhile, Granny Sheila felt she should try to hold up the labernum tree. It looked so lovely and is in serious danger of falling over.  It doesn't seem to have moved any further since this photo was taken in May. I hope it is still standing next spring.

Our ewes and lambs went out into the fields, because it was warm and sunny. Do you like Number Two's little fluffy ugg boots?

So we were very busy towards the end of spring. 
I'll tell you about early summer tomorrow.

Lots of love,
   Trumble xxx

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  1. Lovely spring pictures Trumble. I hope you have a great Christmas, keep us posted! x