Sunday, 6 May 2012

Naughty Yahoo People who don't like bears!

Hello!! I nearly gave up on my blog because Yahoo blocked me from having my own account. They don't seem too keen on bears using computers and they certainly don't want us blogging. They might think we want to take over world. Well, I have news for Yahoo, we already run the world in our own way. I could get my non-furry friends to do anything I wanted them to, if I so desired. But I don't so desire because I, like all my bear family-friends-and-aquaintances, am very happy with a beary quiet, beary comfortable and beary interesting life. We bears can hibernate when we like and for as long as we like. We go to school if we want to and when we want to, and we work with the seasons or what suits us and our furless friends. No timetables, no 9 to 5 working hours, no stopping doing fun things because we are too grown up and no not being allowed to do fun things because we are too young. We can read books without being told that they are too difficult or too babyish - so I just read evrything that comes to my paws. We can also do things that humans can't because we don't have breakable bones - you should see Nuffin bounce when he leaps off the roof! So, SILLY YAHOO PEOPLE, I should be allowed an account and I'm taking mine back, so there!!!! OK. I've finished being rude and grumpy and showing off about a bear's life. I also want to make it very clear that we bears love and appreciate our human families. It is only bossy humans that think they run the world that we don't care for. On to more fun stuff on my next page. Love to you all. Hope you still want to read about my life. Trumble xxxxx


  1. Hello Trumble and thank you for your lovely comment on our blog. Blogger is being funny too. Peoples comments appear sometimes and other times they don't - it's very puzzling. Ma can't seem to fix it. Love from Bunty x

  2. Hello again Bunty!
    I don't know what happened to this post. I did paragraphs and a photo of me looking cross with Yahoo, and everything.
    Now it has all appeared in a lump and the photo has vanished. This makes me a little bit sad, because my friends might think I'm A Very Dim Bear who doesn't listen in school and can't write properly.
    I do hope you will still be my friend?
    Trumble xxxx

    1. Hello Trumble! Hope you are all well and surviving this scary Summer of Rain. Pa is considering building an ark in his garage from bits of old wood and suchlike. I hope he makes it big enough for all us bears to fit in too! We are lucky really living where it is flat and has no rivers to flood, but we do have a Big Sea and that's where all the water ends up going, so I hope the level doesn't rise too much!

      Thanks for visiting our blog and your message. We try and get into all of Ma's photos whenever we can, but she can't always carry us all, the cameras and umbrella and that handbag with the kitchen sink in it as well. :o)

      Take care and big hugs from the Friendly Bears xxxx